Whenever we hear the word “Woman” the very first thought comes in our mind is ” Mother”……

Everybody respect mothers although society raises many questions on a woman’s ability.

The ability of a woman is her kind heart where she bestows her love for others forever. A woman makes another family despite of her own family, where she takes the first breathe as well as learn how to build relations . If a woman leaves her family for someone it does not mean that she rely on others.

A woman is beyond one’s notion. A single woman can empower thousands of other women. After all the sacrifices and love, what she get from the society, is questions only.

Why we have made all the stern rules for woman only?

Why is it that much subtle to respect a woman ?

If a woman can give herself to a man, cannot a man give even respect to her?

In my perspective, woman is a immeasurable sea nobody can even esteem the profoundness of the “Woman”.🙏


We are all alone, born alone, die alone, This is universal truth .

For me loneliness is an awful, hideous, sickening feeling. On the other hand my own loneliness is a contradictory issue. I have to be alone, even I can enjoy the silence but not for longer period of time.

I can find myself when I am all alone in a silent room. Despite of that I don’t want to even imagine myself alone . It seems to me “caught between two stools ” . This is the only feeling which I don’t want to be experience longer than a couple of minute.

Everybody knows that we will die alone, then why we rampart ourselves between relations. Is it really hard to survive alone.

What if I say, I feel alone :

  • When I am speaking to someone but not being heard or listen to.
  • When I do not fit in with the people around me .
  • When people avoid me.
  • When I have done something wrong towards a person but they will not accept my apologies.😞

Is it the feeling of loneliness or feeling of being left alone??